Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walk the World with Me

Walk the World with Me

Come, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

Forever we should not be,

As strangers in foreign lands.

Walk, share time with me,

Let me know who you are.

We can make histories come alive.

Many miles we shall cross,

Together leaving a trail of peace,

Happiness in our earthly wake.

Friendships are what pass beyond,

Boundaries of space and time,

Etching lasting memorials in hearts.

A bounty of mother nature,

We can encounter in our days,

Walking forward, whispers in her silence.

Paradise is waiting for us,

That we discover all her secrets,

Knowing love, being as angels.

Come friends, lets seize the day,

Tomorrow may not be too late,

But why take the lazy option ?

Walk with me, share with me,

Laugh for me, cry with me.

That we come to know brotherhood.

The world needs us all,

Bringing hope on a new dawn,

Blotting over errors of lovelessness.

Bright shall be our rewards,

If we love with humble hearts.

Come, walk the world with me !

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