Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thackerys Witch

Thackerys Witch

Down in the low basin,

Night owls call for some calm.

Evil whispers are cajoling the forest,

And cauldrons bubble and spit.

Demelza is chanting her incantations,

As the waters begin to boil.

What fury of malice can she allow,

The potion is almost fatefully ready.

Crackling, the light of the fire,

Draws me into a woeful dream.

Responsible behaviour all lost now,

She brings forth her demons.

Shamaz and Ledman are first,

Before the vapours fill the sky.

This night is meant for evil,

I see them spitting on the witch.

Naked she, begins a shameful rite,

Coveting and worshipping the flesh.

Demanding of her late arrivals,

The sating of midnight abandon.

Here in my once enchanted forest,

I’m appalled to show a tear.

For fear it will be mistaken,

As a sympathy to a lusting hag.

But verily the crooked witch,

Has drawn me into her spell.

That I cannot be guiltless more,

For the dark shamefulness of man.

Announce the light, repent the dark,

For we will n’er be spared the rod.

I stumble as I walk away,

For the witch has crushed my heart.

The Secrets of Avenuon

The Secrets of Avenuon

A princess hides in shaded, fearful hope of rescue.

Waiting for the knight, who’ll relieve her over cautious worry.

The ghouls and thieving knaves who have conspired,

Search diligently for this maiden of fair and tranquil light.

She carries the secrets of a world living in harmony,

Before the greed of incredulous people wanted it all for themselves.

Within the chest of treasures that she guards with her life,

Are truths long since forgotten, almost lost in selfishness.

So could the world believe, and would they fight to save,

The world now passing away under a sea of apathy?

Will anyone help to rescue the princess and her ideals,

Before it is too late to save the secrets of a noble kingdom?

The jewel of Orin, is the key to save the world we knew.

Its’ power rests upon the youth, demanding a fairer way of life.

As I listened to the princess, she described just how it be,

When fear has fled, and love is once more our King……

And they all lived happily ever after!!!

Dantes Dream

Dantes Dream

It would be my love,

If I could only remember fear,

When devils danced on broken glass,

And all the woes of my world will pass.

Tiny little goblins race the street,

Falling hard beneath Evils’ feet.

And cauldrons boiling with a rage,

‘twill be my end, my bet is waged.

Stony serpents caress my heart,

When life is lost and we must part.

A furnace feeds my woeful soul,

And I know no good, another role.

My face will melt upon the sun,

As my legs are racing, trying to run.

Before the gates of hell freeze over,

My hope is lost, my lots cast over.

For I will crave the Devils’ eye,

And spit upon heaven before I die.

To be at peace in Hades shade,

This sin is mine, my bed is made.

I am the Wind

I am the Wind

Tempests in time I,

Circling the deserts,

Like Urubu hunting,

Forcing new movement of sand.

Across these barren planes,

I force myself,

Carving lines, scarring earth,

Ripping at her flesh.

Over oceans so wide,

My face kisses foam,

Horses of wild response,

For my insistent urgings.

And in every season,

I am gentle, I am forceful,

Blowing sailors and travellers,

To all of earths corners.

Lord, I’ve been trying !

Lord, I’ve been trying !

Slowly it subsides, the paranoia.

Do you hear what I’m saying ?

The human condition, no law.

Got my mind meditating on love.

This is life, doing it’s thing,

Check the feeling, check the meaning.

All the things that are drowning me,

We can find it with prayer.

All so very well, so very well.

For I’m stuck in a life,

Where nothing really ever changes.

But it can be found in pills,

Or we can buy it in bottles.

Until we get there, then…

I would have a breakdown,

If I had the time.

Is it a crime to walk, to die ?

I’m living a lie, all messed up.

Taking walks in the big sky,

Where everyone is telling me,

You’re living a lie, all messed up.

Lord, I really have tried,

So full of love, to walk dark,

And dusty tracks, full of love.

To paradise, I know when,

I’m losing control, the feeling s roll.

Being fed by mountains,

Holding hands in crystal streams,

I am walking on to paradise.

I’m often being baffled by plans,

As my life becomes a wreckage.

It would be obvious if I counted,

Just how god was in the numbers.

But maybe I just don’t wanna know.

Like how I hate histories,

We, I, continue to make mistakes.

And I want to pass the blame,

But I don’t wanna know…..

Now I’m on a rock, spinning,

Violently, silently, with no security.

I know the infinity shown,

From the cosmic library, spinning.

Yet here I need you,

To help me from spinning on.

When time comes along,

And I begin to feel the sun.

The drugs do take it away,

And I become a man on a mission.

Causing trouble in a bubble,

Always getting wasted, time wasted.

My life wasted, bubble burst.

I can’t figure out, what I’m supposed to do.

If you don’t know me, I don’t know me too.

I’m always running away from time.

Too stressed ‘bout the trouble I’m in.

Lord, I’ve been trying,

Mostly, to keep from crying,

Always hoping, often denying,

And almost everyday, lying.

Captain, help me grow,

Let me feel alright,

When the blues are ending.

It sure feels as I’ve,

Been here before.

Waves flashing, storms lashing.

It feels good, my love.

Graceful leisure, gazing out,

Wishing for someone, living,

Someone dying, in natures law.

Lord, I am begging you,

Help me find all my peace,

Show me your law, natures law.

Oh lord, I’ve been trying,

So hard, to overcome fear.

To keep myself from crying,

For what joy in denying,

And how shameful the lying.

Tell me where I’ve been.

For life will go on, when,

I’ve been here before, alright !!

Dedicated to,

Richard Paul Ashcroft.

‘A lyrical genius, and a hero of mine’.

Walk the World with Me

Walk the World with Me

Come, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

Forever we should not be,

As strangers in foreign lands.

Walk, share time with me,

Let me know who you are.

We can make histories come alive.

Many miles we shall cross,

Together leaving a trail of peace,

Happiness in our earthly wake.

Friendships are what pass beyond,

Boundaries of space and time,

Etching lasting memorials in hearts.

A bounty of mother nature,

We can encounter in our days,

Walking forward, whispers in her silence.

Paradise is waiting for us,

That we discover all her secrets,

Knowing love, being as angels.

Come friends, lets seize the day,

Tomorrow may not be too late,

But why take the lazy option ?

Walk with me, share with me,

Laugh for me, cry with me.

That we come to know brotherhood.

The world needs us all,

Bringing hope on a new dawn,

Blotting over errors of lovelessness.

Bright shall be our rewards,

If we love with humble hearts.

Come, walk the world with me !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Once, we knew so very romantically,
How our hearts softened in a moment.
That glance across a crowded room,
Tore passionatley to the marrow.

Chilled with surprise, yet alive again,
Our hopes thrashed wickedly, cunningly,
Falling like stones in love.

How I longed to feel safe again,
your loving arms carressing me,
And your smile melting Steel.

A rhythm swaying, effortlessly we dance,
The way only lovers can know.
Even before we spoke, I knew you well,
And had tasted those sweet lips.

Between the place and a hard rock,
We remembered our other pasts,
Where even the future still waits,
That we would replay our lives.

In you, dear love, I knew,
A return to grace would be brief,
That this lifetime still wept,
As I stole down to Hades,
That I could find eternal joy.

Here you had already gone,
Hoping for my rescuing suplications,
That have yet to be heard.

And then in the dark we groped,
For an eternity before we realised,
We were already saved, complete.

Crazy monsters lurked devilishly,
Creating lasting impressions on you,
And I wept hateful tears in woe....
But they would not leave you be.

A time arrived and we parted,
As if on cue, of some sick pantomime.
An Oscar performance you play,
But you're not fooling anyone, not me.

Unabashed and without regrets,
I live now in a void of your light,
Waiting still, yearning to behold again,
Your tender embrace and kind eyes.

That upon me would look favourably,
As that very first, blessed time,
Responding to impulses to be loved,
And share with you eternity.....