Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lord, I’ve been trying !

Lord, I’ve been trying !

Slowly it subsides, the paranoia.

Do you hear what I’m saying ?

The human condition, no law.

Got my mind meditating on love.

This is life, doing it’s thing,

Check the feeling, check the meaning.

All the things that are drowning me,

We can find it with prayer.

All so very well, so very well.

For I’m stuck in a life,

Where nothing really ever changes.

But it can be found in pills,

Or we can buy it in bottles.

Until we get there, then…

I would have a breakdown,

If I had the time.

Is it a crime to walk, to die ?

I’m living a lie, all messed up.

Taking walks in the big sky,

Where everyone is telling me,

You’re living a lie, all messed up.

Lord, I really have tried,

So full of love, to walk dark,

And dusty tracks, full of love.

To paradise, I know when,

I’m losing control, the feeling s roll.

Being fed by mountains,

Holding hands in crystal streams,

I am walking on to paradise.

I’m often being baffled by plans,

As my life becomes a wreckage.

It would be obvious if I counted,

Just how god was in the numbers.

But maybe I just don’t wanna know.

Like how I hate histories,

We, I, continue to make mistakes.

And I want to pass the blame,

But I don’t wanna know…..

Now I’m on a rock, spinning,

Violently, silently, with no security.

I know the infinity shown,

From the cosmic library, spinning.

Yet here I need you,

To help me from spinning on.

When time comes along,

And I begin to feel the sun.

The drugs do take it away,

And I become a man on a mission.

Causing trouble in a bubble,

Always getting wasted, time wasted.

My life wasted, bubble burst.

I can’t figure out, what I’m supposed to do.

If you don’t know me, I don’t know me too.

I’m always running away from time.

Too stressed ‘bout the trouble I’m in.

Lord, I’ve been trying,

Mostly, to keep from crying,

Always hoping, often denying,

And almost everyday, lying.

Captain, help me grow,

Let me feel alright,

When the blues are ending.

It sure feels as I’ve,

Been here before.

Waves flashing, storms lashing.

It feels good, my love.

Graceful leisure, gazing out,

Wishing for someone, living,

Someone dying, in natures law.

Lord, I am begging you,

Help me find all my peace,

Show me your law, natures law.

Oh lord, I’ve been trying,

So hard, to overcome fear.

To keep myself from crying,

For what joy in denying,

And how shameful the lying.

Tell me where I’ve been.

For life will go on, when,

I’ve been here before, alright !!

Dedicated to,

Richard Paul Ashcroft.

‘A lyrical genius, and a hero of mine’.

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