Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Secrets of Avenuon

The Secrets of Avenuon

A princess hides in shaded, fearful hope of rescue.

Waiting for the knight, who’ll relieve her over cautious worry.

The ghouls and thieving knaves who have conspired,

Search diligently for this maiden of fair and tranquil light.

She carries the secrets of a world living in harmony,

Before the greed of incredulous people wanted it all for themselves.

Within the chest of treasures that she guards with her life,

Are truths long since forgotten, almost lost in selfishness.

So could the world believe, and would they fight to save,

The world now passing away under a sea of apathy?

Will anyone help to rescue the princess and her ideals,

Before it is too late to save the secrets of a noble kingdom?

The jewel of Orin, is the key to save the world we knew.

Its’ power rests upon the youth, demanding a fairer way of life.

As I listened to the princess, she described just how it be,

When fear has fled, and love is once more our King……

And they all lived happily ever after!!!

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