Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Once, we knew so very romantically,
How our hearts softened in a moment.
That glance across a crowded room,
Tore passionatley to the marrow.

Chilled with surprise, yet alive again,
Our hopes thrashed wickedly, cunningly,
Falling like stones in love.

How I longed to feel safe again,
your loving arms carressing me,
And your smile melting Steel.

A rhythm swaying, effortlessly we dance,
The way only lovers can know.
Even before we spoke, I knew you well,
And had tasted those sweet lips.

Between the place and a hard rock,
We remembered our other pasts,
Where even the future still waits,
That we would replay our lives.

In you, dear love, I knew,
A return to grace would be brief,
That this lifetime still wept,
As I stole down to Hades,
That I could find eternal joy.

Here you had already gone,
Hoping for my rescuing suplications,
That have yet to be heard.

And then in the dark we groped,
For an eternity before we realised,
We were already saved, complete.

Crazy monsters lurked devilishly,
Creating lasting impressions on you,
And I wept hateful tears in woe....
But they would not leave you be.

A time arrived and we parted,
As if on cue, of some sick pantomime.
An Oscar performance you play,
But you're not fooling anyone, not me.

Unabashed and without regrets,
I live now in a void of your light,
Waiting still, yearning to behold again,
Your tender embrace and kind eyes.

That upon me would look favourably,
As that very first, blessed time,
Responding to impulses to be loved,
And share with you eternity.....

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