Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am an Eagle,
Who soars high above the desert plains,
And the sand beneath him too.
I am the wind and the rain,
The road and the Pilgrim,
The stars and the heavens so vast.

I am me and I am you.

I am the golden fish,
And the Heron that feasts,
The dry river bed,
And the acid rain falling in the tempest.
I am the feather,
Floating gently on a breeze,
And I am a smile flashed,
Sending you to your knees.

You are me and I am you.

I am the snow so white,
And the tearful sobs of a condemned soul,
Also the satin sheets,
So smooth against your perfect warm skin.
I am a law of nature,
And an act of God,
Letting the hungry cry, and the honest be,
Without judgement at all.

I am you and you are me.

I am the Rose,
And the nose that does recall a scent,
Of a passionate embrace,
Between the lovers who then dance around.
I am a soldier,
In a battle for a life,
Being dearly missed,
And the bullet,
That will end one too.

For you are me and I am you.

I am hope declaring,
That mankind will see a peaceful way,
And the food to eat,
In celebration of this timely event.
I am the contented,
And the chair upon which they rest,
The fibres and the colour of all things.

You are me and I am me.

I am happy being,
That which is all,
And that which is not all, together,
A contrast of egos,
And a combining of will.
I am surrender,
To the way of compassion,
And the will to deliver its message,
In the sound of action.

For you are you and I am you.

I am the door,
And the closing of it tight,
When the warmth has gone outside,
And the night time draws in coolness.
I am an ocean,
And the ship,
The deck upon we slip,
And the friend who lends a hand.

As I am you and you are me.

I am a ghost,
And the solid matter too,
A heavy burden left,
And the horse that takes your strain.
I am forever,
And a minute that has fled quickly passed,
In fact I am no-one,
Who ever passed this way,
And everyone who died alone.

A secret I'll share now,
To let this be complete.

We are you and we are me.

A tribute to Neale Donald Walsch.

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